Nancy can help you create and move policy, influence public opinion and get your message out in many different ways including op eds, press conferences, press releases, legislative testimony, fact sheets, letters to the editor, earned media, published articles, Memos of Support/Opposition, Twitter and Facebook campaigns, and well-researched reports.

She maintains a blog (see tab above)  and Twitter account, and has been published, cited or interviewed in numerous, television, radio, online and print sites including:


MSNBC – Up with Chris Hayes

News 12 Westchester



NY 1

On Line

ABC News

Huff Post Live


The New York Times

LA Times


Baltimore Sun


San Antonio Express News

Chicago Tribune

NY Daily News

The Huffington Post

The Albany Times Union

The Atlantic


The Buffalo News

Mother Jones

McClatchy Newspapers

Medill News Service

Food Safety News

Al Jazeera

Philadelphia Inquirer

Civil Eats

Deseret News

National Review

The Verge





3AW Melbourne

WOR – Joan Hamburg

WBAI – Wake Up Call

Samples of Nancy’s writing, interviews and public testimony are below:

Book Chapter

Implementing Physical Activity Strategies, Russell Pate, David Buchner, Chapter 42-New York State Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Alliance, p.377-383

Book Interview

Ending the Food Fight— Guide your Child to a Healthy Weight in a Fast Food,Fake Food World, by Dr. David Ludwig


Chinese Food Safety is Worse Than You Think, The Hill

Who is Really Behind the Assault on School Food Nutrition Regulations, The Hill

Industry-packaged School Breakfasts: Better for Kids Than Nothing?, Civil Eats

Why All of Us Should Be ‘Fed Up,’ Huffington Post

Chicken from China? Your Seafood is Already Being Processed There, Food Safety News

Water is the Enemy, Gatorade Mobile Game Tells Youth, Civil Eats and Huffington Post

Is Perfect the Enemy of Good?  In the Food Reform World, Yes, Civil Eats

When will you stop taking money from junk food peddlers? An open letter to the Presidents of AND and AAP, Huffington Post

McBait and Switch: McDonald’s Health Pledge Contradicted by the Fine Print, The Hill

Is the Obama administration allowing industry to delay menu labeling? The Hill

Why is the CEO of the Global Poverty Group CARE Joining the Board of Coca-Cola?, Huffington Post

How Big Soda Co-opted the NAACP and Hispanic Federation, Huffington Post

What the Heck Happened to Let’s Move: An Open Letter to Michelle Obama, Huffington Post

The Masterminds Behind the Phony Anti-Soda Tax Coalitions, Huffington Post

Top Six Food Politics Lessons Learned in 2011, Huffington Post

Paula Deen at the Crossroads: Punch Line or Role Model? Huffington Post

Yes Virginia, Food Reformers Love Food, Huffington Post

McChange Doesn’t Come Easy

Dominos is Wrong on Menu Labeling, International Association of Franchisees and Dealers


Drink Marketers’ Great Challenge: Competing Against Water Without Badmouthing It, Fast Company

Promoting Health With Enticing Photos of Fruits and Vegetables, The New York Times

Gatorade Mobile Game Referred to Water as ‘The Enemy,’ ABC News

How Gatorade Turned Water into the ‘Enemy of Performance,’ The Verge

Chew on This: Exercise is Not a Weight Loss Panacea, San Antonio Express News

Good Food Episode 2, Interview with Nancy Huehnergarth, Heritage Radio Network

Can Coca-Cola Dissolve Differences? Al Jazeera

The Food Dialogue: Big Agriculture Attempts to Reframe the Debate, The Atlantic 

NAACP Catches Heat for Opposing Large NY Soda Ban, LA Times

NAACP and Hispanic Federation Join Lawsuit to Sink Bloomberg Soda Restrictions, NY Daily News

New School Lunch Rules Both Cheered and Chided, Deseret News 

USDA: Schools Can Opt Not to Feed Pink Slime to Students, McClatchy Newspapers

Children’s Hospital Gets $10 Million for Obesity Program from Beverage Non-Profit, Philadelphia Inquirer

Food Safety Experts Dish on What Food Items They Avoid, NY Daily News

New Guidelines Planned on School Vending Machines, New York Times

Unhealthy at Home, Albany Times Union

The Restaurant Guys Interview with Nancy Huehnergarth on Food Politics, Heritage Radio Network

Critics See Spin in Food Issues Campaign, Medill News Service

A Rose by Any Other Name—The Food Dialogues, Food Safety News

Public Relations in Action –The Food Dialogues, Marion Nestle’s “Food Politics”

Healthy Eating Groups Criticizes Anti-Soda Tax Spending, NY Journal News

This Fall, Chains Must Post Calories, But Who’s Counting? Times Beacon Record

Students at Risk: Nutrition, Obesity and the Public School System, NYU Podcast

Legislative Testimony

Testimony of Nancy Huehnergarth to U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Beyond Federal School Meal Programs: Reforming Nutrition for Kids in Schools

Testimony of Nancy Huehnergarth to NY State Senate Health Committee Food Policy Hearing

Testimony of Nancy Huehnergarth to NYC Board of Health: 16 ounce sugary drink portion cap (available upon request)