In 2001, Nancy Huehnergarth walked into her children’s school cafeteria to get water and exited as a food reformer.

Appalled by what she saw, she formed a local coalition that successfully advocated for the removal of much of the junk food offered to students in vending machines and the cafeteria. Nancy next turned her attention to statewide issues as the co-founder of the New York State Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Alliance (NYSHEPA), a coalition dedicated to improving policies and practices that promote healthy eating and physical activity.

As the executive director of NYSHEPA, Nancy ran an 800 member-strong coalition and advocated at the local, state and federal level for numerous nutrition and physical activity measures including school nutrition standards, calorie labeling, trans fat ban, Complete Streets, breastfeeding bill of rights, nutrition standards for fast-food kids’ meals sold with toys, Safe Routes to School, nutrition standards for foods marketed to children, and the sugar-sweetened beverage tax. She has testified before state and local legislatures in support of numerous policies.  She has also testified before the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee on the need for federal nutrition standards for foods sold outside of the federal meal program in all schools.

Nancy is a skilled and knowledgeable advocate, policy expert, facilitator, project manager, conference and event planner, public speaker and writer. She is dedicated to grassroots organizing and getting policies passed that will ensure we have a healthy, affordable, sustainable food system and opportunities for daily physical activity for all.