“Nancy is a skilled and tireless advocate, who has done so much to promote and protect the health of New Yorkers and the rest of the country. We have had the chance to work together on national, state and local nutrition and obesity policy. I find her to be one of the top people in the field of health policy.”

Margo Wootan, Director, Nutrition Policy, Center for Science in the Public Interest

“I had the opportunity to work with Nancy Huehnergarth on passage of Menu Labeling legislation in many of the counties in the Hudson Valley. Nancy was the subject matter expert and is a professional and knowledgeable public speaker. Her presentations and ability to work with different elected officials paved the way for passage of some very good legislation.”

Lillian Jones, Regional Advocacy Director, American Cancer Society

“I had the pleasure to work with Nancy during the formation of NYSHEPA. As one of the founding Board members I can attest to Nancy’s expertise in bringing together a diverse group of NGOs, individuals activists, government partners and public policy experts to form a powerful collaborative that has resulted in significant public policy victories during its early years. Nancy has a strong passion for improving the health of our children and has the skill set to build collaborations to affect change.”

Paul Hartman, Senior Director of Advocacy, American Heart Association

“Nancy is detail oriented and passionate about her work. She’s been a pleasure to work with on news conferences and communications projects related to the American Cancer Society priority of raising awareness of the importance of nutrition and physical activity as related to cancer risk. She is versed in the latest research and serves as a valuable resource. She also understands the political process of implementing public health policy at all levels of government.”

Angela Pause Smith, Director, Communications & Marketing, American Cancer Society

“Nancy was the New York State coordinator for CSPI’s Food Day 2011 and she did a superb job on many fronts, including: strategic planning, grassroots organizing; ongoing communications to all stakeholders; outreach to organizations, legislators, health officials, and NYS media; event planning; and dissemination of materials. Nancy also managed our Food Day Times Square national marquee event, the Eat Real Eat-In, which was executed flawlessly. Thanks to her hard work, strong contacts and organizational skills, over 300 Food Day events were held in New York State (100 in NYC) in our first year of this annual nationwide event. I’d be delighted to work with Nancy again.”

Michael Jacobson, Executive Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest

“Nancy is an extraordinary person with a great deal of knowledge and skill. She has great integrity, work ethics and commitment to improving the health of commununities. During the time I worked with Nancy, I found her invaluable to the proposal development process, as she helped me keep team members moving forward to complete writing assignments and research pieces.”

Banghee Chi, Director of Planning and Development, Cicatelli Associates, Inc.

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